The team builder among the buildings

Before: Unbuilt plot of Venturetec Rotating Systems GmbH. Size: 15,000 m². Location: Kaufbeuren commercial area, Germany.

After: Transformable new construction - production hall and offices with a usable area of 6,000 m². Expandable planning: The production hall can be expanded in a second construction phase. "Inner values": Open halls and offices on two floors. Functional office concept: Only one room per floor. Individual areas are only created by the furnishings. This means that nothing is set in stone, and the premises can be adapted easily and cost-effectively at any time. Added value of the office concept: Short communication channels, flexible collaboration, team building included. On the test stand: The concept has proven itself for almost three years.


  • Leased space: 6,000 m²
  • Year of construction: July 2019 to September 2020
  • Implementing architects: Dobler GmbH & CoKG – General contractor
	Bürohalle mit Arbeitsbereichen im Gebäude der Venturetec Rotating System GmbH in Deutschland