Luftaufnahme der Büro- und Industrie-Gebäude auf dem Unternehmensareal von Berndorf in Niederösterreich

sustainable values

Berndorf Immobilien

Our mission is to create sustainable value with real estate. For 16 years, we have been acquiring, renovating, and constructing properties. This way, we are able to permanently enhance old commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. We also realize new buildings. Our activities extend to Central and Western Europe. We carry out projects together with the expertise of our partners.

This is how we have made a name for ourselves:

  • Many years of experience
  • Professional competence 
  • Sustainable networks

In addition, we stand for equity, liquidity, and fast processing of purchases. Berndorf Immobilien is a sister company of Berndorf AG with its headquarters in Austria.

Claudia Descovich und Gerda Ehrlich-Ratzinger sitzen am Schreibtisch in ihrem Büro

Do you want to sell a property?

Are you interested in a solid financing?

Are you looking for a reliable partner for the development of a property?

Then please get in touch with us.

Claudia Descovich

Member of the board

Gerda Ehrlich-Ratzinger

Member of the board

New life in old industrial and office buildings

Before: Property with former warehouse and former offices of Collini AG for cutlery trade. Size: 10,000 sqm. Year of construction: 1975/2018. Location: Lucerne in Switzerland.

See what we have made of it.

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	Bürohalle mit Arbeitsbereichen im Gebäude der Venturetec Rotating System GmbH in Deutschland

The team builder among the buildings

Before: Undeveloped property of Venturetec Rotating Systems GmbH. Size: 15,000 sqm. Location: Commercial area Kaufbeuren, Germany.

See what we have made of it.

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Immobilien-Projekt der Berndorf Immobilien AG: Neubau für die Berndorf Band GmbH in Österreich

Fit for the high-tech age

Before: Several office buildings of Berndorf Band GmbH. The main building was too small for all employees and no longer compatible with modern IT requirements. The desire was to be able to accommodate all employees in one building. Size: 830 sqm, two floors. Year of construction: 1975. Location: Berndorf, Austria. Demolition: The building was completely demolished in 2011.

See what we have made of it.

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Future-proof jobs

Berndorf Immobilien is a rising company built on a solid economic foundation. We master a high art: We bring innovation and tradition under one roof. Our long company history ensures tradition, while our employees provide innovation. For our team in the new Vienna office, we are looking for dynamic and proactive individuals.

Tobias Spörk, Gerda Ehrlich-Ratzinger und Claudia Descovich sitzen am Besprechungstisch im Wiener Büro
Claudia Descovich und Gerda Ehrlich-Ratzinger – Vorständinnen der Berndorf Immobilien AG

Do you like to take responsibility?
Do you like to shape things?
Then apply now.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Job openings

At the moment, there are no job vacancies advertised. However, are you convinced that we are looking for someone like you? Then please send us an unsolicited application.

Unsolicited application

Please send your meaningful application and your certificates to Claudia Descovich

Berndorf Family

Berndorf Besteck

The story of Berndorf began 180 years ago with knives, forks, and spoons. Today, Berndorf is Austria's oldest and most well-known provider of high-quality cutlery and tableware. And there is a good reason for that: Berndorf gives dining tables a unique touch and a special style. What sets the brand apart: Berndorf Besteck keeps up with the times and relies on innovation – while remaining true to tradition. Berndorf Besteck is 100 percent owned by Berndorf Immobilien.

Berndorf AG

Berndorf AG is a group operating in more than 20 countries worldwide. The associated companies primarily work in the high-tech segment of metal processing. Experience, expertise, and international networking make the Berndorf Group the world market leader in key industrial sectors. The group of companies emerged in 1843 from a metalwork in Berndorf, through the first industrial production of cutlery. Berndorf AG is a sister company of Berndorf Immobilien.